Staple and Ford


Good evening lovelies! I have some VERY exciting news! A few months ago I contacted a sunglasses company that was original, chic, and just starting off! Today, I present a small collaboration we have created for you, and the beginning of the new direction of Møjō. Seeing as how the summer season is coming up, of course we need to full on engage the sunnies demand. Can anyone ever truly have too many sunglasses? Yes, of course, but choosing the right ones justifies it, doesn’t it? *fingers crossed* Today, I’d like to introduce Staple & Ford. Staple & Ford is a company based in the UK that focuses on customizable sunglasses. Of course, this idea is becoming more and more popular in brands today. So what sets them apart? They use this amazing material called acetate which is basically a thicker and sturdier material than most sunglasses meaning you get exactly what you pay for if not more. Most companies will charge obscene amounts for the same material. The great thing about this company is that it’s young and new; which is exactly what I’m aiming to feature here. I’m pretty picky about my accessories, but this is like a trust exercise for all of us. I wouldn’t feature a brand unless I actually believed in it.


It starts from the home page, and you choose between two preset designs: the Pinsley and the Marbury. From there you choose different colors for the temples, the lenses and the frames of the glasses. If I could design a signature “Møjō” pair, I’d chose translucent temples, smoke colored lenses, and matte black frames. I’m just dying for a pair of translucent sunnies, I think they’re so gorgeous. They ship worldwide! They have really kindly offered a 10% off discount for my viewers if you use the code ‘Mojos‘.
Staple & Ford are definitely worth checking out. They’re a young brand, with a cool vibe, and a fresh approach to every day sunnies.

xx Møjō

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