Vancity Gastown

The new year is always filled with all sorts of hopeful dreams. Hey, maybe you’ll actually stick to the gym this year? Or maybe you actually will become vegan? To be honest, MOJO isn’t really about that life. Instead, MOJO’s new years resolution is to explore as much as possible. Starting with home: Vancouver.

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One of the secretly most amazing places in Vancouver is Gastown. Gastown is filled to the brim with pop-up boutiques, indie-cool stores, and beyond mouth watering restaurants. It’s the sort of place that makes you feel 10 times cooler than you actually are. Here are a few must-see stops!

Water street starts with my favourite store in the world: Oak + Fort. Originally based out of Vancouver, Oak + Fort has now spread to the states, using New York as it’s first location. Cultivating a curated collection of various brands, the clothing is congruent in its northern european simplicity. All the clothes are good quality, clean and elegant.

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As you continue to walk, you can’t help but notice the amazing brick factory buildings and victorian lamps. Be sure to check out the different galleries as you walk past. Gastown’s latest edition, The Latest Scoop, is the next stop. Similar to Oak + Fort in their curation of various brands, The Latest Scoop is a sweet, young and affordable brand.

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If you’re feeling a little fancy, pop into the Water St. Cafe. They provide the most amazing meals with fresh, local produce.


Wander a little further and you’ll get a tasting room called Mosquito. Mosquito provides a set menu that explores experimental cuisine. If you’re full from all the food and need to sit down, why not sit down in some of the coolest furniture around? InForm is a furniture store run by a couple who import their products from all over the world. The designs are innovative and chic; belonging more in a museum than a retail store.

Of course, on the cold wintery days in Vancouver, everyone needs a coffee. Pop in to the Salty Tongue for the creamiest London Fog.

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Only 3 more stops! Let’s start with Bao Down. Bao Down is a take away Chinese fusion place that primarily makes baos: a Chinese bun that sort of looks like a puffed up taco. The great thing about their food is that it’s mostly vegetables and isn’t heavy with grease or oils. They make a box of spinach tasty. That’s saying something.

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Now, for the most important part of the day: drinks. Alexanders is a relaxed pub that resides the the basement of an old factory. If you’re looking for a quick way to meet tons of artsy people or just have a thing for pineapple ceasars, it’s a 10/10 recommend!

Lastly, you end your Water Street journey with Bambudda. Bambudda is an asian fusion restaurant that plays with gastronomical techniques. Not only is their food to die for, their drinks are absolutely amazing. They change the menu almost every week just to keep it fresh, which makes it exciting because you’ll rarely have the same thing twice!

You could spend years in Vancouver and never get bored, but if you’ve only got a few hours to spare, MOJO would pick Gastown.

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