Hazel & Wilfred

“Everybody should have self love.”

She grinned.

‘I am going to do this for the next 25 years of my life because this is what makes my soul happy. I am doing this because it is what I want to be doing with my life.’ Against the humble wall of a Starbucks at 7pm on a Monday, leans Sarah Holmes; the founder and designer of Hazel & Wilfred. Sarah has a quality to her than can only be described as completely electric. She naturally radiates everything that she stands for. Having recently been featured in magazines like GQ and Brides, both large Condé Naste publications, Sarah is anything but big headed about it. Instead, she has the charming excitement of a little girl. This pure happiness immediately overwhelms you the moment you begin speaking to her.


Sarah describes her pieces as ‘clean lined and organic with a necessary edge’, pointing out that the course of her life’s own imperfections are reflected through her work. “When I first started, the kind of man and woman I was going to be designing for were strong people. I wanted my men to look like men and rugged, and my women to be elegant and powerful. That’s exactly who Hazel and Wilfred were.” When asked about them, she dreamily stares into her memories and shares images of her grandmothers pearls along with her effortlessly chic beauty, and the strong gentlemanly mannerisms of her grandfather. “I will admit I’m a pearl girl. Some girls like diamonds, but I love how simple and tasteful they are.”


Having been mostly self-taught, much of Sarah’s work technique has been influenced by an experimental approach. “There’s a real art form that happens within the flow of creating something.” Hazel & Wilfred is influenced by her love of nature, whether that be in Hawaii, Vancouver, or Nova Scotia. Her new ‘Kai Collection’, for example, is inspired by the beautiful coral of the sea. There seems to be a mindset and skill set that needs to be reached before allowing yourself to be ready. When asked if she was ready before this point to release her collection, she simply laughs and says “Absolutely not!”. The key to really finding a passion, is to be aware that it doesn’t always happen right away. Sometimes you have to wait to make sure your ready.

Sarah’s confidence and cheeky happiness is contagious. Her work is a reflection of everything she has had to work for in life, in both its beauty and imperfections. “If you have a goal, let yourself fully believe in them. You know? You have to fully believe in your goals to make them happen, otherwise you’re going to let doubt deter you.” And to that, Mojo says cheers to being an inspiration, a true artist, and a friend.

For more information, go to her website


Photo cred: Candace Meyer


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