Nestled in the retro-chic streets of Shoreditch lies South Korean focused concept store Wonderound. Wonderound attends to the classical edge of London’s fashion scene, making it both modern and timeless. Upon entering, the nostalgia of my mother’s closet overwhelmed me in the best possible way. Wonderound focuses on quality and clean lines.    “I don’t want to call myself only a fashion designer, because that’s not really what I only am. I would prefer something like ‘lifestyle maker’ or ‘lifestyle designer’. I like the idea of making things rather than just designing clothing” comments Zi Kim, the charming owner.


“Fashion today is too fast. I love classical style.” This idea resonates throughout her work. Her store is a curated collection of other designers work as well as her own. “The idea of collaboration fascinates me.” What’s particularly interesting about the idea of the rising popularity of a Concept Store, is the idea that it sells a specific lifestyle that can be moulded or adapted to. Over the past couple of years concept stores have been popping up all over the world. The idea mainly started in Northern Europe where the stores would be primarily clean and chic, promoting a specific look or aesthetic that can be easily attained in one place.


One feature of Wonderound that keeps it apart from the rest of the crowd, is its passion for quality. It’s easy to tell immediately how important it is to the company to keep this in mind with all of its products. The concept of the name comes from ‘wonderful things around you’. There is a certain purity that the aesthetic of the store appeals to, allowing its items to be quite clean and easy for any lifestyle. The store itself feels more like an closet rather than a shop. The second you walk in you’re greeted by a bright smile and excellent service.


“When I was little I actually remember my grandmother doing something really similar in Seoul. She would gather things from Japan and sell them. And I didn’t really realize it until now but that’s what I do with Wonderound. I curate various things and sell them under one roof like a scrapbook.” What MOJO likes most about Wonderound, however, is the simple style. Some might call it plain, but MOJO prefers to think of it as classic. Plain sweaters with gorgeous embroidered patterns on them create a young look. Pair it with a hardcore leather jacket and some nicely fitted trousers and you’ve got a rockin’ look.

All in all, MOJO is 100% a big fan of Wonderound and is more than excited for its future endeavours. For more information check out the website:, or if you have a chance definitely check out the gorgeous store at 16C Calvert Avenue in Shoreditch, London. For any further questions contact:







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