Jack Conman

The charm of a musician never truly gets old. And when the charm is supported by outrageous talent, you’ve got the perfect recipe for success. Jack Conman’s music is the perfect combination of classic ideas with modern sound. “I’m not a bad-ass.” He says smiling at how foreign the thought is.

His album Euphoria Springs, released in early 2016, is unlike anything MOJO has heard before. A revolutionary combination of haunting acoustics with sleepy, romantic vocals is the only way to describe it. “I’ve always wanted to be good at something,” Conman comments. “You know? Pursue something and do it right, not half-assed. Frankly it was either this or skateboarding.” He adds with a humble chuckle. Yet Jack Conman is anything but half-assed. Despite his easy going ruffled hair and ripped jeans, Conman is on his way to fervent success. Having just ended a tour around the UK, it seems as though this is only the beginning.


We talked about some exciting new projects to come, including his new work with the producer, Kev la Kat. “I want to explore a new sound. That last album was a different me and so I want to move to a new me. I always thought my albums would be more like diaries.”

“I always imagined myself when I’m 80, big cigar in hand, staring at a wall of albums.” Jack Conman’s music is filled with acoustic energy that explores relatable ideas and hits heartstrings. By far the perfect music to throw on in the background of a bad-ass walk down a city street.


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