Orlando: rap.port premiere

Orlando Agawin is a creative based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance at Cal State University Long Beach, Orlando has already trained with names like Rebecca Bryant and Lorin Johnson and performed in works by Sidra Bell, Brandon DiCrisio and Doug Varone.orlando agawin 3Despite dabbling in photography and filmmaking, Orlando is, with his arsenal of experience, “a dancer more than anything else,” and uses his passion to “explore endless possibilities of telling a story.” The core of his work lies in “communicating raw, human emotions through abstract and full body experience.”L1053287 copy

In his new short film, Orlando examines the connection between two dancers, Yue Ru Ma and Charbel Rohayem, as a narrative in and of itself—as an interaction that needs no more context than what is given and felt. Through movement, an entire story is exchanged; a beautiful, silent rapport is made.

rap.port by Orlando Agawin

Words by Eda Yu (@edapitaa)

Instagram: @Orlandonod90


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