Danny: The sound of visuals

Danny Perez is a 23 year-old visual artist born and raised in Pasadena, CA. Although previously a graffiti artist, Danny currently studies illustration at ArtCenter College of Design. He draws inspiration from rappers like Tupac Shakur — and Shakur’s book, The Rose That Grew From Concrete — as well as those of the Bay Area “Hyphy” movement. In his work, he often incorporates themes of nature, using flowers and camouflage print as metaphors for the “jungle in our minds,” in which we occasionally end up trapped.

A first-generation MexicanAmerican, Danny hopes to share his experiences while growing up in order to inspire other youth with similar narratives. Each painting Danny creates draws from a real-life story. He cites his practice as therapy, a way to connect the images in his mind with the memories or people that best represent those thoughts.

“I try to make images that help me get through the day, because I know there’s someone else out there who is struggling to pay for school, hates their job or wants to buy their parents a house because they’re tired of seeing them work 24/7,” Danny wrote to MØJÖ.

Click through the entire gallery to see what he has to say about some of the pieces below.


Words by Eda Yu (@edapitaa)

Instagram: @andre_bricks_

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