Changing of the Seasons

For those of you who have been reading MØJÖ loyally from the beginning, you may know that it has undergone some rapid change and growth over the past couple of months. What’s been in the works for almost 2 years, has now finally found its feet, as MØJÖ is excited to announce the birth of Milky Collective.

Milky Collective is meant to inspire, create and most importantly, develop a community. Just like MØJÖ, we’ll keep you updated on the latest music, exhibitions, and artists from around the world. We believe in slow journalism – a quickly dying concept in the journalism world. Rather than sending out material for the views, we want our viewers to feel the quality and style of our writing.

So why Milky Collective? Our team is determined to find a distinctive identity going forward. As a small organization, we depend on this unique identity to help us differentiate ourselves. Here at Milky, we aim to encourage discussion and collaboration – whether that be over a cup of tea, a coffee or a few whiskeys. We like the idea of adding to the already strong and thriving art community – making things a little easier to sift through for a discovering audience seeking undiscovered content.

We hope you’re on board with us on our journey, enjoying every step of the way as much as we are.


Milky Collective


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