Bordeaux || Southern France

Song: In the Water (John Vincent III)

Time: 10.57 pmfrance-contour-1000

Location: Coquihalla

We are quenched by exploration and fed by views we’ve never seen – or never seen in that way before. Usually a summer getaway for wine connoisseurs and lovers, Bordeaux is known for its wonderful drink and food, sleepy Southern France streets and beautiful gothic architecture; making the city a refreshing reminder of effortless European lifestyle. However, December in Bordeaux proves to be just as, if not more, wonderful and relaxing.

Mulled wine, Cannelés, and fresh croissants became daily fuel. There is almost nothing better than waking up to sunshine pouring through the leaves above the window, walking out, and feeling the warmth on your cheeks. The December bite of Bordeaux is not nearly comparable to the bone-numbing chill of what most call winter.


If you’re hoping to snag a bite in the late morning, head on over to Books & Coffee. A small brunch place on the corner of Rue de la Sau and Rue Saint-James, friendly staff invite you into a warm, book-filled, coffee infused cafe. Our only tip: go hungry. Actually, not just hungry, go absolutely starving. For any foodies out there, remember that french dining is not just fuel – it’s an experience. Take the time to have a 2-hour long brunch because you and your girlfriends need to gossip, or because you and your mates just want some good grub and a catch-up.

Julia Child once said “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?”. Bread is an essential when tasting food in France. You will rarely find a boulangerie outside of France that can make as flawless of a baguette or as flakey of a croissant. My own relationship with food is long-term, intense and committed. Trips are often centered around meal hunting and moods revolve around when the last snack time was. This meal was not only life changing, and very possibly the mother of all brunches, but also enough food for the rest of the day.





The best part about Southern France is that no matter the time of year, you will always feel the slow, treat-yo-self pace religiously practiced. Wandering around and getting lost in the streets of Bordeaux on a sunny day means getting sucked into the daily comings and goings of every small neighborhood, square, and road. The best part of Bordeaux, for anyone who doesn’t really know anything about wine, is that it is a student town. Without realizing it you can very easily get sucked into hyper bars and clubs full of people just wanting to have a good time. In the winter time, Christmas markets are thriving and full of people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a drink with your friends, a playground for your children, or some last minute artisan Christmas presents, the market had something for everyone. Night time is filled with neon-lit signs and dark alleys, creating a grunge feel to the city. The city changed throughout the day as the ebbs and flows of its neighborhoods took place.

Not everyone can afford to have a warm Christmas, or a white one, so why not pop over to Southern France for a getaway. It’s the perfect break from daily chaos, an ideal vacation for the foodie, the artist or the explorer.




Photo cred: Maddy Bazil + Milky

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