A Milky 2016

Every year on January 1st we are faced with the promising idea of a new year. For many, a new year offers a new start, a new you, a new opportunity or a new life. 2016 proved to not only be one of the most unsettling years across the globe, it also proved that we can always rebuild as long as we are willing to move forward together. For Milky, 2016 was a year of travel. From London, to Berlin, to Vancouver, 2016 wouldn’t have been able to be such an adventurous year without the help of all our friends – both old and new.

We have now grown from a one man job, to a small team spanning from the United Kingdom to West Coast North America. The support and encouragement we have received has been heartwarming and beyond anything we could have imagined. We met some amazing artists and collaborators who push us to do what we do every day.

In 2017 Milky hopes to inspire and be inspired. Cheers to a breath of fresh air.

Your minimalist millenial,

Milky Collective

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