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CANVAS X Erika Alvarez

Peering into her life was like peering into a rainbow. Founder of Koua Mexico, a fusion of Mexican culture with urban London fashion, Erika Alvarez is nothing but smiles and vibrancy. “I’m proud to be from a country that always keeps smiling and laughing despite everything.”  She recounted the importance of community in both her life and work, explaining her relationship with those she works with in various parts of Mexico. The idea of giving back to small communities is a movement that seems to be inspiring many young, new designers. Koua Mexico works with small communities around rural parts of Mexico that weave beautiful embroideries, paint intricate Day of the Dead skulls, and produce unique jewelry.

A section on Koua Mexico’s website labeled ‘Discover Mexico’ allows you to peep into the world of these artists – where they come from, their families and their work. Erika celebrates her Mexican heritage and its energy by sharing it with her urban audience and notes the importance of knowing where your products come from and the story behind them. Her pieces are unique and chic – much like her personality. Throughout the Canvas Session, I found myself slowly but surely falling in love with Mexican culture. Her values of family and happiness are warm and open – an energy that radiates in everything she does, making a chilly Wednesday morning in December a little bit brighter.

Instagram: Koua_mexico


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