Feeling hasty for Jack Conman’s new single

Last year Milky had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jack Conman – a mysteriously dreamy young man who toured relatively alone through the UK. He sat quietly and confidently with his guitar in his hands, eyes closed beneath his rugged fringe. The entire room was silent. He had just released his album Euphoria Springs – a dark and moody EP that explored his relationship with a growing and changing time in his youth.

This year Jack Conman has come back with a new song and a new sound with Greatly Hasty. Released on February 28th, the first few days have proved to be incredibly successful. The sound of this song is an homage to the perfect hazy California day. It already has us dreaming of road trips and summer anthems. In a recent meet up with him, I was able to pull out a little more on the meaning behind the song and his own relationship with it.


“I’ve just come to university in my first year and I found that as soon as you get to a new place sometimes things can get a bit shallow. Especially at my age, it’s easy to get worried about yourself and who you are compared to others.” He talks of his own experience as a maturing artist and how this personal growth affects the way he writes and what he writes about. “I do feel like my sound is changing. I’m experimenting with it and making sure it always stays true to who I am as a musician. Before I wanted to make people cry, but now I just want to make them dance!” Many artists struggle with the balance between new material and consistent branding. While it may seem fun to recreate yourself, it seems often smaller artists don’t necessarily have the luxury to do so. Jack’s self awareness, however, is poured into his songs. He explores his artistic need for exploration by exploring the integrity of himself and his branding. Status and fame seems to be near the bottom of Jack’s list of musical priorities. “I figure other people have to be thinking the same thing. But even if they’re not, if at least one person likes my music I’ll keep doing it.”




He smiles faintly as he thinks of his future music. “It’s not as acoustic as my other songs but that’s the direction I think I want to go in.” Greatly Hasty was produced by Kev La Kat, a producer Jack has been working with to create his new sound. When asked about the creative process Jack notes the difficulty in accepting a finished project. “When you write something, you don’t really know if it’s any good because you’ve been there for every step.” Kev La Kat and Jack have plans to produce 4-6 singles and a new EP in the coming year, all evoking the same hazy, groovy feeling.

We are absolutely delighted to see Jack return with his new sound and we can assure you, you will always have Milky right at your doorstep, hungry for more.

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