Pirate Projects X PIFF Records

Of all the boroughs of London, it seems one, in particular, has consistently been responsible for being home to some of the trendiest idols in fashion, music, and art. Swimming with secrets, Croydon promises an unlocked plethora of new talent – and there’s one young man trying to finally give it the reputation it deserves. Sandy Kenny is the founder of Pirate Projects – a brand that aims to bring together the art culture of Croydon. Last month Pirate Projects put on a launch event that featured artists such as Milky veteran Jason Nolan.

Hosted in the intimate setting of Project B, the event brought together musicians of all genres to create a clean night out for its audience. We had the chance to catch up with Sandy to talk a little more about what he hopes to achieve with Pirate Projects. “I find a lot of the musicians just from people I know already. I play music myself and music as a part of my life isn’t always a choice, it just seems to happen.” The music is largely influenced by a new age jazz – a modern “home-made” take on traditional styles with a focus on dance rhythms, intricate hooks and beautiful melodies. And yet Pirate Projects is much more open to exploring unheard of genres. “If you want to make something interesting, you have to be willing to explore crossovers of genres.” He comments on his love for genres and ideas coming especially out of London music hotspots such as Peckham, Dalston and Brixton. As we’ve seen on Milky as well, there’s a strong current of rich and beautiful work coming out of the underground art scene. We’ve all been witness to the ebbs and flows of gentrification – a mainstreaming of the independent. It’s important to breathe life into the rebels, the kick starters, and the idols who chose to go against the grain. Pirate Projects help to pull them out and into the open. 


Coming up on Thursday, April 20th, Pirate Projects is teaming up with PIFF Records to host another event at BoxPark Croydon that’ll feature funk, house, and techno. For those who are interested in going expect a masterclass mix of the old and new, as well as general good vibes and good times. The perfect way to discover new names, it’ll be a great place to immerse yourself in a hugely diverse population and an array of different cultures. Tickets are now on the Facebook event, and it starts at 7 PM. Definitely a great and different way to spend a Thursday night!


Photos: Mark Lucas

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