Bequia || Caribbean

“Why is everyone so nice here?” They laughed big booming laughs. Finally, one smiled and said, “Because it’s no skin off our back not to be.”

I left the last Windows Series this way. Some food for thought that I hope inspired Milky readers as much as it did me. I cannot stress enough what an amazing adventure Bequia was. Not even in a paradise lover’s dreams could you find somewhere as happy or liberating as the small and beautiful community that lives on the island.

The island’s population is approximately 5000 – meaning everyone knows everyone. The locals are a mix of African, Scottish and Island Carib descent. In the past, Bequia was an untouched island off of St. Vincent’s mainland – which was slowly being introduced to colonialization. Of course, slowly but surely settlers found Bequia and began to set up camp. However, they made efforts to integrate with the locals – creating the strong sense of diverse community on the island today.

Bequia never forces you to do anything. You never have to walk faster on the sidewalk because there are 800 people behind you. In fact, there are no sidewalks. And the only time there are 800 people behind you is during Carnival or Easter when everyone is dancing. If you’d like to lay on the beach, the island gives you a few options – each beach offering a small microclimate. The northeast part of the island is much windier – better for sailing fanatics. You can also have a wander over to Old Heggy Turtle Sanctuary to learn about the beautiful life of sea turtles. On the southwest part of the island is Lower Bay. Lower Bay is relatively unpopulated, comfortably breezy and ocean water the temperature of a warm bath. At the very end is a hidden gem of a restaurant called De Reef. We were practically addicted to their lobster sandwiches.

One of the nicest things about the island is the number of dogs running around. They’re all friendly and well behaved so there’s no need to worry about safety. Most of the time they’re like children running around the beach -occasionally hungry and occasionally tired. In fact, most of the wildlife on the island is like this. For those who hate geckos, however, beware. They’re friendly, but they’re also absolutely everywhere! The good news is that during our entire stay there we saw no snakes – definitely a plus.

For those interested in hiking I highly recommend biting the bullet for the 6 AM wake-up call and heading on over to Mount Peggy or Spring Top. It’s best to hike in the morning as things heat up pretty quickly. You can see the entire island from the top. The hike itself isn’t arduous however there is a bit of a scramble over some rocks at the very top.

While there are endless things to explore around St. Vincent, Bequia is certainly a hidden gem. If you’re looking for that perfect secluded paradise this is the island for you.


3 comments on “Bequia || Caribbean

  1. Fabulous photos! Some taken from vantage points I’ve never been to before. You’ve captured Bequia in a whole new light, so to speak. Thanks!

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  2. Leanda

    The absolutely best place to be. Love it to bits

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jackie Reno

    You are my Island, Love it and the people who live there. I hope to get back.

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