Tokyo || Japan

Song: Genesis (Grimes)jp

Time: 9.09 PM

Location: Shibuya Station


It’s 9 PM and you can feel the hum of millions of lives rushing past you. The neon lights unapologetically glare down at you, layered on top of each other, each one trying to outdo the last. The air is buzzing with music, laughter, foreign languages, and electronic voices. You’re standing at the edge of the street and suddenly it goes green. Taking a deep breath you let yourself be carried by the sea of people crossing. You’re at Shibuya Station crossing in Tokyo Japan.

Japan is unlike many countries in that it is very much of its own planet. In fact Tokyo is often likened to the word ‘other-worldly’. Tokyo won’t take no for an answer as you stand at the edge, peering into the chaos it has to offer. Tokyo throws you into the deep end of adventure – whether you’re ready or not. A tech, fashion and cultural hub, Tokyo offers layer upon layer of historical and futuristic lushness. There is a vibrancy to the people, to the lives that are created, and to the lifestyle.

This photo essay has been shot by Marcus Hann. Be sure to check out more of his work on his Instagram, website, and Vimeo.


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