Exploring The Canadian Rockies: Lake O’hara

The mountains hold an unparalleled silence to them. You can hear the wind whistling and the sound of marmots leaping over the remains of rockslides. Standing by the Oesa falls you can see over all of Lake O’hara. Lake O’hara Lodge is run by a family; some of the friendliest and most relaxed people you will ever meet. The rest of the staff are young adventurers, willingly locking themselves amongst the forests and mountains and calling it home for the summer season. Whether you’re native to Canada or just a visitor, here’s why Lake O’hara and Lake O’hara Lodge will surely hold a small place in your heart forever.


Lake O’hara Lodge offers 4 ways to stay – camping, the main lodge, lakeshore cabins, and guide cabins. Prices range from $20/night to $975/night for two people. Unless you’re willing to walk, you have to book the shuttle bus up to the lodge as there are no cars allowed up the 11km road. This is only available to guests staying in the lodge grounds which exclude camping. If you’re camping, feel free to enjoy the beautiful hike or you can book a separate bus up to the camp ground. The lodge is warm and cozy, a fire is lit in the morning to warm the entire building, and for breakfast you receive a variety of fruits, yogurts, granolas as well as a warm breakfast option. If you stay in the main lodge or either of the cabins, all meals and tea times are included. However, if you’re camping, be ready with lots of insta-food options! The meals are beyond anything you would ever expect. With a lavish array of pastries, juices, coffee, and tea for 3:00 tea time, and exquisite four-course meals every night, the Lake O’hara Lodge staff always makes sure you’re full of energy to embark on your full day of hiking. Of course, they are always more than happy to accommodate any dietary needs.

Once you’ve been fueled up and taken your choice of an impressively tasty sandwich for your packed lunch, throw it in your bag and set off for the day. The great thing about Lake O’hara is the range in the levels of difficulties. That means every hiker can find something that suits their pace. If you’re looking for something gentle, a stroll around the main lake or into Morning Glory is a relaxing stroll through meadow flowers and babbling brooks. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the animals that run across the fields and paths!


If you’re looking for something a little more challenging you might want to try heading up to Lake Opabin (a personal favorite), Lake Oesa, McArthur or Cathedral Mountain. Take your time and take in the breathtaking views and blue glacier lakes. For the advanced and knowledgeable hikers, don’t be afraid to take on the Alpine Route or Abbott’s Hut. For Abbott’s Hut you want to keep in mind that you’re hiking through the snow – so BE PREPARED.

Being prepared is essential for any hiking trip and our #1 is always a good bug spray! Ben’s Bug Spray is one of the best and never fails to work. Next, always dress in layers. Be ready for boiling hot temperatures as you’re hiking in the sun up to your location, and for freezing cold winds as soon as you arrive.


Lastly, remember that the best thing about Lake O’hara Lodge is that there is no signal or wifi. Be friendly and hear other people’s stories or just take the time to enjoy yourself. Soon you’ll find yourself tucking away your phone and your laptop and instead pulling out a good book or sitting on the dock with a glass of wine in the evening staring up at the incredible mountain range. Whether you’re going alone or with a family, Lake O’hara will be guaranteed to offer an experience you’ll never be able to forget.


Now that’s Milky.


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